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Having worked in the travel industry for over 30 years, the world has changed…and so has travel. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to travel to many different destinations, and I still get excited about each new place I go. I treat your trip like it is my own, and look for what you want.

I ensure your trip is exceptional. But the most important part of my job is when you get back – talking with you and hearing what you experienced be it hotels, resorts, adventure packages, a cruise, a safari . . . Then, we are ready to plan your next trip tailored to what makes a terrific getaway.

I have been fortunate and have traveled all over the world, but even with all of my travels I do not know about every destination. That is why when your trip is over, feedback is vital to my business and my success.

Here is why you need a travel agent:

I have a great family that loves to travel. Sometimes they call and ask me, “Where should we go this year?” I love when they do this because I get to pick the best destinations and plan trips that someday I want to go on myself.

Reason #1
When corporate client Dan Strong connecting flight was cancelled due to weather, I saw the cancellation and was able to contact my customer while traveling and re-book him to a destination close by with a new car rental. He did not miss a beat.

Reason #2
My neighbor Brad went on a fishing trip with a few of his friends. They were all departing from different destinations on different airlines. I was able to coordinate the times from all the destinations so they arrived within a few hours of each other. Then, about a month before the scheduled trip, the airlines cancelled the routing for his trip. I was able to get Brad a full refund and re-book with another carrier and still get him to arrive on time to meet the shuttle and his friends. Brad and his friends didn’t lose one second of the fun. Read More…

Reason #3
When Deb Seamans, a long-standing client, was traveling with a large group something came up and one of them had to cancel. The reason for the cancellation was in the grey area with the airlines. After contacting the airlines via letter and requesting a refund, they received a full refund and were very grateful for not losing money nor having to deal with the headache of red tape.

Reason #4
A client of mine loves to travel with their family. When they arrived at an overbooked resort in Cabo San Lucas where the drinking was out of control, and the resort was not as described by the vendor I contacted the tour company who agreed with my grievances and awarded my clients a substantial credit towards their next trip.

Reason #5
Several years ago the Watsons went to Europe for their anniversary. While waiting for their flight it was suddenly cancelled. I was able to get them on another flight that night to get them to their destination and on time. They were put in business class to boot!     Read More…

Reason #6
When another established client of mine booked a flight for her daughter overseas, I was able to connect her daughter to the closest Emergency Passport Office, after she realized that she misplaced her passport. I advised her how to handle a lost passport, re-booked her flight for the next night, and found her teenage daughter a hotel room that had a free shuttle.

Reason #7
When Bob wanted to take his elderly father on his bucket list trip to Australia and New Zealand, he contacted me to arrange yet another adventure for him. BOB went all out and purchased Business Class airfare for the two of them. He and his father arrived the first night with excitement. Then Bob’s father passed away that night. I helped my client with cancelling the trip, extending the accommodations at his current location, handling all the proper procedures and document requirements for bringing a deceased passenger on an international flight, and when my client was back safely in the US, I helped him get the refund for the unused portion of the business class ticket.

Reason #8
Sonja, single client and solo traveler who loved exotic tours to Paraguay and elsewhere, finally booked a safari in Africa. On her flight to the second connection, she had a heart attack on the plane. The plane made an emergency landing at the closest airport, and my client was brought to a local hospital. I helped my client re-book her trip so that when she recovered from her medical issue, she was able to continue on to her trip.

Reason #9
During a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel, one spouse ate seafood and ended up in the hospital. For five out of the seven day trip, the healthy spouse did not know what to do because she didn’t speak Spanish. Using my resources in this small town, I was able to find an interpreter that could relay the information from the doctor in Cozumel to their local doctor. They were able to figure out the seriousness of the patient and help him get the proper medication to get the spouse on their return trip home.

With so many aspects that go into trip planning, and with the constant changes our world now faces, let me do the work for you.

Terri Knox



  • Favorite golf course-The Reserve at Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Montana
  • Favorite Mexican oceanfront village-Costa Maya, Yucatan Peninsula
  • Favorite big city in South America-Caracas, Venezuela
  • Favorite island in Central America- Roatan, Honduras