I am traveling on my first business trip since the pandemic. What type of mask should I wear on the plane?

My daughter is flying home for Christmas, should I get her a special mask for her flight?

We are driving to our house in Galveston, TX, what type of mask should I wear when stopping at gas stations?

These and many more questions are coming my way on a daily basis. From reading the CDC’s website, to researching filtration percentages on different masks, to where the mask is actually manufactured here is my best answer to this common question.

I would use the highest filtered mask that you are able to wear and breath with comfortably while you have it on. Many of the respirator type masks are not allowed on the airlines, and can be very cumbersome to wear.

My daughter works in the health care industry and showed me this combination. She found a cloth mask (Target or local box store) that has an insert in the mask. Then she found some KN95 inserts that go into this mask. This is what works best for me.

I do want to suggest this: please try this on before using on a long flight. It is not as easy to breath in when compared to just a plain mask.

Here are the top 6 reasons on why I like this mask combination:

Reason 1:  According to 3M, the KN95 filters >= 95 percent of particles.
Reason2:  You can wear the KN95 filter for up to 40 hours.
Reason 3:  Easy cleaning, throw away and replace.
Reason 4:  The mask you choose, that fits your face, to insert the filter in, can be washed at your discretion.
Reason 5: The mask that you choose fits your face for best possible outcome.
Reason 6: The information comes from reliable sources.

It is very important to understand how to properly fit your mask.

Here is a link to the CDC Website that will give you step by step instructions to ensure that your mask fits your face properly. This point is key to the whole blog I am writing!

CDC Link:

Stay tuned for COVID-19 and Fitness….what does this have to do with traveling?

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