Cancelled Flights

Traveling can be fun and traveling can be problematic. I’ve been really lucky through the years, traveling a lot and rarely had problems. I organized a trip to Campeche, Mexico. 

There were six guys going on a fishing trip to this western Yucatan destination. It was important for all of us to arrive, from different points of departure, at the same time to coordinate with the shuttle service taking us to our hotel.

I talked to Terri Knox about this and she helped set up the various flights to accomplish our goal. Sure as heck, a few weeks prior to departure some flights were altered and our group struggled with trying to coordinate new flight plans.

I contacted Terri, as a trusted resource, hoping she could help. She picked up the ball and ran with it! The next thing I know, the altered flights were all made and things went smooth as silk from there on.

Thanks Terri for your help, you saved the day!

Brad Miller – Crosby, MN

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